Monday, March 4, 2013

Traveling.........with Purpose!

Travel with my family was always so much fun......and still is.  These days the travel together is less but just as fun when I go somewhere with one or more of them! When your children grow up, your highway of travel is sort of elevated (not as many theme parks......SMILE)  and you become more selective, but just as ardent in the planning of a trip together.  Currently, I am in the planning stages of two trips with family which are in the near future.  Vacations are as important for the Mother as the child because the routine change can be a wonderful and fun blessing! Little ones can have the opportunity to plan what they will wear each day and then organize and pack accordingly!  This can be a valuable learning experience in organizational skills!  We should never miss a learning experience!  Even taking a mini vacation to visit friends can be so much fun and memorable!  Vacations do have to be planned in advance and the money needed must be set aside in advance but these times of refreshment build memories with our families and share life events that bond us in a positive way!  I hope, if you are a Mother, you are busy making plans for your child's future.  I am humbled that Almighty God led me to see the importance of mothering my children when they were small.  There is truly no higher calling. We didn't have everything we wanted but we did have everything we needed.  The path ahead is unknown but what we do know is that God has given us His Presence to travel with us.  As you plan, setting aside a time to pray and seek His wisdom and the fruits of the Spirit within you will make the travel do much smoother!  As the saying goes.....above, often Mother has wisely traveled the way you are going before.  Enjoy your journey!!!

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