Saturday, January 14, 2012


This beautiful kitchen designed by Interior Designer Suzanne Kasler is a great place to begin...clean, fresh, and a bowl of fruit on the counter! Love this!

Our kitchens should be places that inspire us to think about good health. Clean, bright, and equipped with........Green vegetables for the day's energy! A juicy pep-up will lift your spirits! It is so very easy to get started!!!

Fresh produce selected at a farmer's market or where produce is organic is the best way to begin!

Two years ago, one of my darling daughters encouraged me to purchase a juicer! She went shopping with me for one in my price range and we selected a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro! With this purchase and her encouragement, I was introduced to the health benefits of freshly extracted juices which are unbelievably good and so so tasty! Before purchasing my Juicer, I had not given much thought to the fact that store bought juices loose valuable nutrients during storage plus they have been heat - treated and have additives to help them keep longer. Reading about the additives was enough for me to realize the importance of making my own juices when it is sort of fun! There does appear to waste at first when you see how much pulp goes into the pulp collector but you can add it into soups or better add it to a compost if you are into gardening. Some of my favorite fruits and vegetables for juicing are: beets, apples, blueberries, ginger, oranges, spinach, celery, tomatoes and kale. I would begin with fruits and/or vegetables you like! Be sure you wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. An excellent book, SUPER JUICER, holds a collection of healthy recipes that replenish and restore and revitalize! It is also beautiful to look at the different combinations of fruits and vegetables! Here's to a healthier mind and body! (not to mention the benefits to your skin)