Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Treasured Path.....

For a few glory filled days last week, one of my daughters and her children spent a few days with me on the beautiful emerald coast of the Florida panhandle. We stayed in a European designed enclave where every little winding street holds a surprise! One of our mornings on a walk, we saw this beautiful house in the picture above.  The soft yellow door caught my eye, but it was the cross on the entrance that captured my  focus and my camera! In their own way, in their own style, the homeowners were sharing their faith! May we be so bold!

I can not know for certain where you are in life, but nobody has a perfect life for long.  We all encounter setbacks and stopping points.  These are the times when God steps in and often embraces us with the certainty that HIS love is real and His plan is for good! Amazing LOVE wrapped just for each of us individually.  There are many wonderful days in our lives and there are days filled with adversity! Yes, there is a treasured path for each of us!

God often allows adversity in our lives for a way of advancing the gospel.....each trial, each blessing.  In Philippians 1: 12-26, Paul, the great apostle, encouraged his brothers and sisters even WHILE he was in prison, reminding them that being there actually served to advance the gospel to the whole palace guard!!! When we see people hurting and suffering, perhaps not only our offer to assist but to pray can be a priceless gift! What a glory to see God's hand move!!!! Before He laid the foundations of the world He thought of you and of the days you would live on earth! He planned the people and the places He would give to you. Nothing, my friend can separate you from the love God has for you!  Nothing!