Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vision and visionaries.....

Each one of us have had people in our lives who made a difference.  Some for good, some not so good and it is up to us as individuals to decide what we hold on to and what we must let go of.  Someone told me years ago to hold on to people and things with an open hand.  I treasured this advice and through the years, I have often had to let go of people, places, and "stuff" that were not meant to be in my immediate presence.  Difficult?  Yes, but in trusting God, I have found the surety of the words of Romans 8:28 that "all things do work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes." These words suggest a deliberate plan, a proposition so to speak, an advance plan, an intention, or a design. 

 For me, personally, growing up without loving parents, made me want even more than life itself, to have and enjoy a family, and one that was well loved and cared for.  Boundless energy would go into my plan.  That was my intention.  I had a vision for goodness and decided early on, to go into the mothering full time once children began to arrive.  I had a university degree to help me with this in early childhood education.  This degree served me well because I understood the value of my presence in my children's lives.  God in His providence, because He is a God of comfort and patience granted me to be like minded toward other mothers who were on the same path.  There were a few times I worked outside of my home as the children were older but because I had been given such a large family, being available to get them to their activities,  meeting their emotional and their spiritual needs and  etc., was best accomplished by being able to share in these needs each day and was best for us as a family.  God has a beautiful vision for the family.  His desire is for us to receive the gifts of children and then He will take hold of us and release the grace to set in motion the powers to help us fulfill His vision.  When His power is allowed to work in a family, it will transform the lives of each family member into beautiful lives.  Receive the blessing and the vision God has for your family.......I promise you will not be disappointed. 

 In my early life, I was blessed with a loving Grandmother who stepped in to love me and care for me as a mother would.  She was rarely ever too busy for us, even though she worked full time as a teacher.  She gave tirelessly of her time, her finances, and her worldly goods to give me and my siblings a better life.  She was a visionary and she had a vision.  She took us to church.  God's grace met with her willingness to give.......yes, the vision took hold.   Do you have a vision in this new year?  One for your own life and one for your family?  Perhaps today would be a good day to bow and ask God for help.  He will be faithful to guide you and your family.  His vision can be trusted!  May our hearts be filled with goodness and grace!