Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

"Bring the Children".......those are the words always in my thoughts!  I love this season of gratitude, love, and joy in the world!  We are about to enter one of the most beloved seasons around the world!  Christmas is celebrated all around the world and each nation has it own customs and culture and all are to be cherished as families and for those who love children and all the celebrations that include them.

When my son, Steven was in the sixth grade, his teacher invited me to come and speak about Christmas around the world.  At the end, the children all enjoyed making an ornament from a European country and many of them chose Germany for the delicate hand blown glass ornaments.  The children painted them beautifuly.  This turned into a party for the children!  I always love to give a party at Christmas!  I want to make it a lovely time for the children so that they will remember this time all their lives.  With our own children, we always made the holidays fun with baking, decorating the tree, hot chocolate, egg nog and Christmas music!  These are traditions that I still love and cherish and are special memories I believe for my beloved children.  I am sure that you too have may traditions and are making Christmas special in your home!  It is just beginning!  Enjoy this blessed season when Angels sing and the Glory of the Lord regins around the world!  Joy to the World!  Let it begin and let it begin within our own hearts.......

I hope you enjoy these lovely photos that I have from France that remind me of Christmas.......I love white all year and a touch of red too, but especially at Christmas!  Enjoy!
~Hot Chocolate is the drink of choice this cool season!~

~This red door says....Come in!  I've been waiting for you!~
 ~My sister Pam enjoying the ambience of a Paris evening! A red scarf at Christmas is just the right touch~
 ~The combination of white and greenery is always beautiful~
~These little trees are a sign that Christmas is celebrated and all they need are a few little white twinkle lights~