Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful Bathrooms

Beautiful bathrooms are the best way to start your day.....or end it I might say! For the bath you do not have to shop around for the perfect piece of furniture, you can now find a vanity already perfectly fitted with a beautiful sink and fixtures! My spring project is redoing our little half bath with the perfect wallpaper and mirror! Check out my idea below....of course I am thinking French! I also love the master bath redone in a home built in 1888! Perfect detail to every area! Enjoy the photos and have a blessed and wonderful day!

~This beautiful wallpaper, vanity, and mirror add a beautiful touch! Found this picture online and truly became inspired!~

~This lovely bathroom is in a beautiful 1888 home my husband and I love in our area! The restoration to this home is true perfection!~

~Okay....who among us does not like pink? Every big or little girl!~

~ The window, the tub, the vanity....the flooring....all lovely and Inviting one to relax and restore!~

Where do you find restoration at the end of your day? According to the dictionary, " to restore" means to "bring back to a former or original condition." When something is restored in the Scriptures, however it is always increased, multiplied or improved so that it's latter state is significantly better than it's original state. God has a beautiful way in our lives to restore us when we turn to Him with our plans, hopes and dreams. Perhaps today would be a good day after a relaxing soak in the tub to lift our hands with Praise to honor our Creator God and ask Him to cleanse and restore us so we can be useful to be involved in the work He is doing throughout the earth! May grace and restoration be granted with you!