Sunday, September 18, 2011

Treasures....from Chateau neuf de pap

 Anyone who knows me well knows that sewing is my passion!  I purchased this for 10 Euros!  I wished later that I had purchased the other two the gentleman was selling!
 As as seamtress, I know the hours it took this dear lady (bless her) to make this beautiful French hand sewn bonnet for a little French newborn.  The lace, the fabric, the work is perfection....still!  It has to be at least 50 years old.  I am so blessed to have this in my collection!
 As Kara and I approached Chateau neuf de pap, we noticed this flea market immediately.  Oh if we had a way to bring more of these treasures home.  The linens were amazing and beautiful, flawless and many were monogrammed!  If you visit France make sure you find the flea markets and have cash in Euros!  It will be worth the time you have!
 ~Every corner was a photograph~
 The photo was taken from the top of the village as we walked up to an old castle, although only the shell is still partially was magnificent!
 ~An interior view of the castle~
 ~Can you imagine driving your car down this beautiful street, narrow as it looks it is possible....I think I actually drove down this street.....or maybe one was not easy (nerve racking)!  Just ask Kara! But....we did manage it!!!
 ~I love this picture of Kara....she really wanted to go to Chateau neuf de pap for the vineyards.  We traveled there on a Sunday, it was Palm Sunday, so the vineyards were closed but she was able to shop for a wine for her first anniversary gift to Phil for their celebration!  As I look at this picture I see her reflecting, and thinking how much of life is before her......such a wonderful experience with her!
~Serious shopper here~

This past week I have enjoyed sewing again....serious sewing for my sweet grandaughters!  I thought about the joy that it brings me to see someone wear something that I have made.  I also am blessed when I see the finished product of curtains that I have enjoyed sewing or any sort of home decor that I am blessed to make for someone!  Yes, the little things of life give me joy!  Now, I am an educated woman....I earned a university degree but the areas of life that bring me the most rewards are the happiness I see or have a part of in anothers life. Life is not about degrees, or jobs, or praise from another.  It does not matter what you have the ability to give....just give it!  Give to someone, something! Your time, your love, your patience, your encouragment, your hearfelt prayers.   You willl be rewarded, time and time again in little suttle ways. Your life will be richer as will theirs.

For months, no years, I dreamed of traveling to places I would only read about, rearing a large family takes everything you have (in good ways and no regrets).  My children now live in wonderful places for holidays and for visiting!!!  Last April, when I was honored to visit Kara and Phil, I spent months preparing and reading everything about the regions we were planning to visit and what interesing history they would offer.  One of the places that Kara wanted to travel in France was Chateau neuf de pap in the Provence region of France.  We were spending a couple of days in Avignon, France so we decided to go for it!  We laughed as we drove along and realized reading the map and following the signs was much easier than we had expected.  We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the countryside and had little idea of what was ahead for us that special day.  I loved it as we drove into this beautiful village set upon a hillside that we unexpectly drove around trying to find a "safe" place to park and came upon a wonderful flea market!  The first pictures above of the "bonnet" say it all!  Finding that treasure would have been enough but the joy, giggles, the blessing that we received that day will be a treasure in my heart forever!  I loved that day with sweet Kara!  The privilege of purchasing that little bonnet will one day come full circle when Kara can place the little bonnet on her own little daughter!  God is so good to give us treasures!  "Trust is the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:5~6  Do not be afraid to take chances.  Ask for God's guidance and He will guide you in paths He has planned for you.  It may takes years....but He will bring His plans to pass.