Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Beautiful Season......

Adored by the FRENCH, the wonderful and colorful fruit.....the pear! The green we love to see in Spring!!!

My table setting, prepared for an early brunch with some friends is topped off with a cute little pear candle that I found as a favor!

I used my Mother's silver which she actually gave, so generously, to my daughter, Shelly, but we just haven't gotten to California yet! Soon, though!

Years ago, while living in Jackson, Mississippi, I found these lovely dessert plates which always find a place at my table in the Spring!

Green represents new life....new beginnings...freshness!

My sweet girl, Shelly gave me the gift of these beautiful silver pieces she found at Rachel Ashwell's shop in Santa Monica! I love them but oh I LOVE Shelly so much more!

This delicious jam is a new favorite! Raspberry has become delicious! My table is all finished now for a special time of fellowship and fun!

To me, the most beautiful season is SPRING! I love the clean fresh scents of the earth after a spring rain and the fragrance of the bounty of spring flowers and trees beginning to blossom! The Easter season is one of God's most versatile times of the year beginning for what it represents spiritually, regarding new life and also the timing of the glorious new life of the budding trees and beautiful flowers.....everywhere, all around the world! Only God could design such beauty! One of His attributes is that He is The Creator! The One who brought the universe and all matter and life into existence! In Psalm 104:14 the Word says...."He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the service of man, that he may bring forth food from the earth". Yes, God made this beautiful earth to bring blessing and goodness to all our lives! I hope you can find the time in this season to try and capture a moment or a few minutes to reflect on the beauty of Creation! Maybe there is someone you have been wanting to invite over for a special brunch or dinner. Perhaps there is someone who you could indulge with a basket of little luxuries (a candle, bubble bath, and a encouraging note). Perhaps, it is your family......what a gift a family is! I hope that this season of the days leading up to Easter are filled with beauty and blessing for you! Set a pretty table, enjoy a beautiful sunrise, turn on some soft music, and welcome others INTO your life! Most importantly welcome Jesus into your life! Look to His Word for how to live. Wait for Him to bring the wisdom that you need daily. He is able to bring beauty, strength, order, and peace to your life! Be willing to hear from Him and prepare for your life to be beautiful! It's a promise from His Word that He will do it! "He has made everything beautiful in it's time". Ecclesiastes 3:11