Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Of late, it seems the airways are back at it.....defining "BEAUTIFUL" for our young women and even those of us who are progressing in age! Personally, I feel extremely blessed to be a woman today. Being a woman, being whole, being healthy~ both emotionally, physically, and intellectually~is not always easy but if approached sensibly, we can arrive in a good place. A truly beautiful woman feels good about herself on the inside(her heart or soul). Her life is filled with positive images and positive relationships. It has taken her a while to get there, most often. There are people who sometimes tatter and tear at life and unknowingly at times rip apart the image that God imagined. This can begin many times in childhood and progresses through preteen and teenage years and then on into college and perhaps even adulthood. My heart breaks for a girl or a woman with an image of imperfection and feeling that this will keep her from fulfilling her dreams. I admit, there were times I too struggled, but nothing compared to women today (of any age). The constant need for celebrity updates, the latest fashion trends, magazines with flawless images (which are perfectly airbrushed) add to this trend of being less than beautiful. My prayer and my desire is to see young women and older women return to the right places for their definitions of beauty and happiness. There is nothing like a real example of beauty. If you are a Mother and have a daughter, she looks to you for this image and definition. Words have a lasting impact. A beautiful woman is known by her physical appearance and includes the facets of voice, countenance, and personal qualities that make her who she is. When we look at her we see her as someone unique and special. If you struggle with self-image let me urge you to turn to the Bible for God's definition of beauty. "Look to HIM and be radiant; so your faces shall never be ashamed". Psalm 34:5. Beauty comes from surrounding yourself with the right people, right images and thoughts and the right words. We have to protect ourselves from wrong images and people who seek less than our best. Please do not let another rob you of your joy! Joy and gladness can fill your heart daily when you take the time to fill your spirit with uplifting words, soothing music, and the nature around you! Add a little laughter and you are there!!! It is refreshing to breathe the air and look UP to the ONE who formed you and made you, YOU! Psalm 139

The poster above came from a blog I ran across the other day! It is a blog called Lavender and Lilies! Just simply beautiful!