Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday.....Steven and Kacie

 Kacie Elizabeth
 The love and respect our kids have for one another fills me with awe!
Kara, Kacie, Dad, Shelly, Kristen, and Steven!
So much fun and laughter when they are all together!

 September is always a special month in our family because we have the joy of celebrating the birth's of two of our five children!  Steven's birthday is September 1 and Kacie was born on September 9th!  The joy these two have brought me personally and to our family is amazing!  Both of them are kind, beautiful, creative, musical, generous, funny, and bright!  They continue to amaze me with their lives and their contributions to the lives of their family and friends! 

I celebrate them both and pray that their lives continue to be blessed with good health in body, mind, and spirit!  Happy Birthday Kacie Elizabeth and Steven Konrad!  You are loved with an everlasting love!

Steven....his love for music and his talents continue to inspire me!