Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Beautiful Place......

"THIS INSTINCT FOR A FREE LIFE in the open is as natural and wholesome as the gratification of hunger and thirst and love.  It is nature's recall to the simple mode of existence that was intended for us." Horace Kephart, Camping and Woodcraft, 1906

The search is over for nature's recall or that simple mode of living....after just being married for eight months, my son and his Bride lucked upon a beautiful cabin just outside Oxford, Mississippi!

The setting of their cabin is so very, very beautiful.....enter down a winding gravel drive, lined by crepe myrtles that were planted over 40 years ago and a 50 year old magnolia greets you at the edge of the drive.  The plantings in the yard are as vast and as beautiful as you will ever find!

 A brick sidewalk leads up to impressive 140 year old log cabin.  The cabin was moved to its current sight in the early 1960's and an addition to the back of the cabin incorporated a kitchen, bath, and guest room.

The woods were made for dreamers and that describes Steven and Sara....dreamers.  They are so far down the road (so to speak) in their professional lives and in their personal goals.  The love they share is so sweet to witness and over the weekend I spent with them helping them as they cleaned, unpacked, and organized their new home inspired me greatly!  Both of them have a talent for design so everything fell into its place quickly.  Sara has been a collector of beautiful art for a while now and has lived and traveled abroad over a great deal of her life.  Steven too has grown up with an appreciation of art and history so together their home is a wonderful collaboration of their style and their life together.....thus far!  Steven is a musician and the house already if filled with music and an energy that is amazing!  I felt so blessed to have shared the weekend with them in their beautiful home!  Enjoy a few of the pics below......

A vintage fan found by Steven and a beautiful chair Sara found...circa 1890
The metal desk they recently purchased is the perfect setting for Steven's musical talents.
Original being in a gallery!

"Wouldn't life be a whole lot better if somewhere out in the wild woody younder sat a snug little cabin with your name on the mailbox?"  You know it would!

FROM: cabinology
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