Friday, March 1, 2013

A Mother's Legacy

Happy March!  It's a gorgeous day where I live and I am truly thankful for each and every blessing of this day!  I hope YOUR day is full of blessing and beautiful moments!  This month, I have decided to devote my blog to the joy of being a mother!  A MOTHER'S LEGACY  is a wonderful Bible Study I did several years ago on my own.  It was during the time of rearing my children and time was limited as far as being out of the house [ you know the feeling if you've had had small children]. I hope you will be encouraged on this journey with me!  Today, the world in which we live offers many choices to women.  Becoming a mother seems to be one of those choices.  In my time of the child bearing years, it was not so much considered a choice.  The Scriptures teach us that children are gifts from Heaven that God sends into our lives at just the right time.  I choose to believe that each one of ours came at just the perfect time.  Age is not really a factor when we become mothers because God has a perfect plan about this also.  Some children come right away, some have to wait years.......but all in God's timing! Mothering requires nine months most often to prepare our hearts for these little ones.  The deep appreciation for this time doesn't actually come until later when we see our baby for the first time and then it seems impossible that we shared in such a miracle!  Yes, motherhood is a time of miraculous events!  I hope as we journey together that you will enjoy the miracle of each and every day with your child or the one you hope to have one day!   Nothing matters more than this blessing God has given......your child!  I want to leave an imprint for good!