Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moving......A Home Filled with LOVE!

Every home seems to have an ambience!  We have lived in our current home longer than any other we have ever owned.....six years and five months. The longest was six years, until now.  As my husband took on new career changes and challenges, we moved.  We have lived in twelve different homes in forty one years! Yes, we were babes when we started the marriage journey!  Two of those were rentals until our homes were finished in Los Angeles, California and Jackson, Mississippi.  It could seem mind boggling if you've never moved but for us well, it was wonderful! I loved each place we lived.....well, I take that back. One was deleted from my memory! :) our children took on the nomadic life well and each one has never been held back by change......life is an adventure.

Finding personal style in the home can be a daunting task when moving but it is also a great time to purge of things you do not wish to keep.  Over the years, I have learned to keep things neutral and more simple when it comes to collections. I do not add to them anymore and have actually given away or sold lots of things I thought were necessary at one point. I do have a love for all things French now so some of my French decor I am planning to always live surrounded by!  I hope my husband doesn't mind.

Four of our five children, who are now grown, have moved this summer. Two in California, one in Colorado, and now our youngest will be making the journey from England to the states, and on to California as well.  Each one of them have lovely taste in decorating.  I look forward to visiting each one.  Each of our children inherited a collectors and artist style of sorts.  This, to me, is what makes their homes each unique to who they are individually.  I also think they really enjoy each others company and just hanging out together in their homes always filled with love and laughter.
I have prayed for their empty homes before they arrived. I have prayed today because one is moving into her new home with her family. I pray for the rooms to be filled with love, with laughter, with joy, with happiness, with health, with peacefulness, with forgiveness, and with protection.  In all my moves, I have learned that where God dwells there IS blessing and there is goodness and LOVE!  May love abound in each of our homes and be a place of refuge and comfort for all who need us in this journey of life.  It's really quiet simple and short!