Friday, July 13, 2012

A Sweet Celebration of Love.....

I love a celebration! I love a party! It takes very little for me to get motivated in planning the entire event, especially when it's someone as special as my husband. He's still my dreamboat! He's still just as cute and fun as the first day I met him. He tells me that he had seen me for months before he got the courage up to flirt! Yeah, right! Anyway, we met by accident. A group of girlfriends were going to meet some football players at our university and so I just tagged along. As destiny unfolded, Steve began to throw popcorn at me, a piece at a time until I took notice. The rest is history! When we got back to the dorm, all my friends told me he had a girlfriend. He called me the next day and acted like he did not know what to say, sort of like a little boy would be! A couple of days later we passed in the hall of a building on campus, again he was a total flirt. Within a couple of days, he asked me out on our first date (I met his entire family on the first date) and within two weeks he had counted up all the minutes, hours, and days he had known me. That was Valentines Day! I was so impressed and touched. We were exclusive after that. He lives with his heart. I love that about him! A heart that is dedicated entirely and solely to God and to his family. He would do anything for me or another person so in preparing his dinner for his birthday, I had so much fun! My flowers in the garden were perfect for the table. We have a garden so the desire to keep the meal healthy was easy! He did grill the salmon, his favorite!

To draw a simple comparison, I believe Our Heavenly Father gets excited in preparing daily celebrations for us! Have you ever seen a brilliant sunrise and exclaimed with great joy of it's beauty? God gives us so much beauty in this world in which we live! Daily, we are given so many gifts from above all because God loves us. God, Himself, is so much greater though than these gifts. We learn though about Him through the daily gifts that He gives to us. As we are living and learning, we can share our heart's blessings by placing HIS love into everything we do. Tasks become a joy rather than a burden. The load is lightened! Have you known someone who it seems allows everything to be a burden for them? Even daily chores, such as taking care of their family or their husband or wife's needs is difficult? It seems to me when we center our thoughts first on Christ and The Cross then our attitudes toward our mates are governed by our attitudes toward God. As a husband honors his wife, cares for her, and prays for her, he is modeling his behavior after the Father! The same can be said of a wife who takes the time to care and pray for her husband. God stands ready to move in mighty ways in a marriage like that! Once we fall in love and decide on the wedding date then it's a celebration of what is to come....the marriage. Marriage vows are both meaningful and purposeful! It is a joy to celebrate ones mate and to love them and lift them to The Highest and ask for blessing. Just as the Lord looks for ways to bless us, even a birthday celebration can be filled with blessings! I hope you have times to celebrate! May the celebrations in your life continue to bring you happiness! This one certainly did for me! Have a blessed and safe weekend!! xxoo

The Birthday Cake.....a chocolate pudding cake with fresh cream and freshly sliced strawberries! I also added some fresh chocolate to the top! YUM!