Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ENTERTAINING........A Wedding Day Brunch for Sara and Steven....

 ~The Setting~

 The flowers were beautiful. These were similar to Sara's colors for her bridal bouquets!
The antique vase is a family piece of Pamela's.....jade...a significant color of the wedding.
 Orchids and Roses and other lovely flowers greeted the guests at the front door!

 ~Mimosa Bar~

The Steel Magnolia's
Pamela, B'Donna, Kara, Kacie, Angela, Terry, Mary, Kristen, and Shelly

Mini Steel Magnolia's
A Perfect Day!

Pamela, Kathy, John, and Angela
The Bride, Sara, and two of her Bridesmaids~
Special Friends....
Special Friends and Family
 Pretty Kacie, drinking her English Tea....actually from England (thank you Kara)
 Mother of the Bride, Sabrina, Brother of the Bride, Groom's Mom,Penny,  and another sweet friend, Becky!
Friends of the Bride and Groom

Special Guests

In the celebrated film, STEEL MAGNOLIA'S, the sisterhood of friends gave selfless love and support to Shelby and her mother on Shelby's wedding day in a small southern Louisana town. I love this film!!!  Move one state over to Mississippi and you would have my life over the past weekend.  My beautiful sisters, my sisters in laws, my niece, and my daughters were my sisterhood!  After weeks of planning and a few last minute preparations in the kitchen, my sister Pamela and her staff shared a generous spread, most all prepared by Honey Bee Bakery in Oxford.  They presented it all in China, Crystal, and Silver, much inherited family pieces which were a picture of perfection! The food, the fellowship, and fun are etched in my memory forever!  It all meant so much to Steven and Sara!

My sister owns her own company and has a personality that is perfectly suited for her profession.  She is on a mission to succeed and sucess followed her weeks of planning the delightful Wedding Day Brunch for Sara and Steven.  She is a natural hostess.  Each guest received a pretty invitation and an invitation  to meet the Bride and Groom and their families before the late afternoon wedding festivities began.  Pamela put on her best southern style and the love and the personal touches  were in every detail will be forever etched in my memory.

Everything was beautiful and perfect!  Weddings are a celebration of LOVE for us all.  This beautiful party certainly was filled with so much love!!!  Steven and Sara's friends have enormous talents and they along with the Steel Magnolia's made the Wedding Day unique and lovely!  These rare opportunites where GLORY is present is certainly a gift from above!  So truly thankful!!!