Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Holiday at Rosemary Beach.......

Rosemary Beach is a gorgeous coastal community! It is a destination I had passed through several times before actually deciding to stay there for a few days with all my family for my husband's birthday!  The homes and townhouses are right on the gulf! The entire area has a European feel and style, which I've come to love and around almost every corner there are courtyards and beautiful fountains spilling over to create an ambience that soothes and calms the soul! If you are on the gulf coast go for a day and walk will see what I am talking about!

I hope you enjoy the photos of Rosemary Beach!  Summertime is fast slipping away and I hope you are finding time to enjoy the lazy days of a summer holiday.  It could be in your own backyard! I love to create a place for a quick dinner outdoors in my own yard!  Just find a time to rest and restore!  Rest is good for all of us from time to time, just getting out of our own environment can help us let go and enjoy the greatest gifts that truly matter......the people in our lives.  Being with people we love allows us to let go and just "be"!  Being with the Lord is like that if we have developed a realtionship with Him....during the day if we go often into His presence, we can relax our mind and find peace and calm in the storms of life.  We can let go of trying to figure out every situation and find that HE is trustworthy and able to handle everything!  Go on a holiday for sure and  may you always also welcome Him into your family, your marriage, and life!  Look to Him for how to live and wait for Him to bring you the wisdom that you need to deal with whatever you are going through in your life.  Be willing to hear from Him in prayer and celebrate with thanksgiving! 

A beautiful home is even more beautiful when the Spirit of the Lord is dwelling in the people who live within the walls.  Our homes can be the very dwelling place of God.  You will find that others sense the Spirit of the Lord and will sense love and peace. I know I have when I've entered a home that is peaceful and just beams with love!  Start today to make your home a beautiful beaming place!!