Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shakespeare, his work, his life and times....

The Home and the Birthplace of William Shakespeare.
 Shakespeare was born they told us....
He was baptized at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford~Upon~Avon
on April 27, 1564.  The precise date of his birth is not known. (interesting)
although it was customary to baptise an infant three days after birth.
Infant mortality in the 16th century was high so he was fortunate.
 Imagine eating in this dining area.....450 years ago!
 The Interior of the home...a bust of Shakespeare
 Holy Trinity Church
 Our Hotel
The Church Street Townhouse
Inside our hotel.....Kara's creativity!
The greatest writer of all writers, William Shakespeare, was born and lived in a beautiful small English village known as Stratford Upon Avon.  Stratford is the village and Avon is a lovely river that flows through the village. 

As a senior in high school, my English teacher arranged for us to see the film Romeo and Juliet.  I still remember every detail of that day.  The teacher, the bus ride to the theater (The Belcourt Cinema), and most of all the film....I was hooked on Shakespeare. The prose, the poetry, the time in which he wrote.

Shakespeare's story begins in the heart of England, in Stratford-Upon Avon and the local Warwickshire villages of the Arden to the north and large open fields south of the River Avon, known as the Feldon.  As we made our way to our hotel, we settled in and then off to his family home.  His father's profession was that of a glove maker.  I found that interesting right away....I love gloves, I love the use of hands and to think that this was his father's profession made the home even more interesting.  The home and Stratford in general was beautiful!  We enjoyed a beautiful day there, just walking and enjoying the beautiful village of Stratford. 

After the tour of the home in which he grew up, we walked to The Holy Trinity Church where William Shakespeare is buried.  Beautiful sitting and beautiful church. 

Our evening in Stratford ended at our hotel with good music and good food!  It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!  The next morning, we enjoyed a full English breakfast which Steve and Phil had really looked forward to!  As we said good-bye to this lovely place, I could see the inspiration and the beauty from which William Shakespeare began his life. 

Like much of the beautiful and vast history of England, preservation is important to their national trust.  The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust preserves this beautiful part of all our lives for future generations who fall in love with the written word.  He drew inspiration from the beautiful surroundings in which he was proper, so articulate, so beautiful the lovely way they speak and pronounce the English language! 

Now....let us have some tea!  Enjoy your day my friend!