Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspired by France.....

 Over the past few weeks, I have been changing a room in my home to include more of The French furnishings I have been collecting over the past year.  The photographs above I took during two visits to Paris and inspired me with their simple and beautiful lines.  In Paris, there are so many sights to inspire!   Every corner you turn, there is a picture!  Everything it seems is so artistically arranged, and everything paints a picture!  The French are all about vignettes......Little spaces perfectly arranged. This was our goal, to create a lovely little French space.  For our French room, we painted the walls a creamy ivory and painted out fireplace mantel a creamy ivory and used an antique paste to add an older look to the mantel.  I found two 19th century Louis XV chairs at an antique shop not far from where I live to go along with the beautiful French sofa I purchased last year and invested in a quality fabric and expert upholsterer who did an excellent job achieving the look I wanted.  I selected silk for the window curtains and used a simple French pleat with a covered button at each pleat and hung them on a simple iron rod.  I have some framed pieces of art in the room but most are unframed and framed photographs that I took in France.  I added a beautiful French inspired lamp from another room in my home and the room came together rather quickly.

I am drawn to French furniture and design because it has a sense of warmth and comfort, yet it is so graceful.  A home should be personal and filled with things you really love.  Your furnishings do not need to be expensive to be beautiful.  Add a lovely vase of fresh flowers, a candle or two, books, music, and you will have created an atmosphere that is both welcoming and warm.