Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Color Change......

The natural sunlight in this room brightens every morning in my home! I call it "light embellishment"! The room always feels light and airy but the color has not worked well for me! Patiently I have waited and so with the help of my husband, the day arrived to paint!

This is the new color and I love it! "Neutral backdrops allow details to pop, and clear colors~reds, blues, and yellows, and greens ~ give rooms a crispness". Interior Designer Linda Bodell. To me, it created a more calming atmosphere and one that is more inviting and pleasurable. Actually, most of the main rooms in my home are neutrals. This seems to work well with darker woods and antique pieces. Bravely, more and more decorators are painting darker woods with light neutrals and shades of grey. This seems to work well also. This past week, I was in Jackson, Mississippi in a wonderful antique market called Interior Spaces! It is filled with antique dealers and decorator booths that offer quality antiques, accessories and beautiful antique linens. It's a wonderful source for decorators and welcomes anyone shopping for quality home furnishings. I noticed many pieces painted with the grey/blue color which French inspired designers display in their decorating. The difference between a house and a home is in creating an atmosphere where people live together happily and where real memories are made. The legacy we leave to our families really matters and many of the decisions we make take place within our homes. What sort of legacy are you leaving to your family? The beautiful words of Psalm 127 and 128 encourage us as mothers and as fathers to allow the Lord to build our homes. These verses are not speaking of the physical building but the spiritual foundation being laid. If we are blessed in our marriages to have children, we are reminded in these lovely verses that children in our homes are a gift of the Lord! When a couple enters into marriage, they make themselves available to love, serve, and sacrifice for the next generation. What can be more beautiful? To love and care for the next generation is one of the principal ways that we honor God and share in building His kingdom. Truthfully, this is the home that IS beautiful........a home that is decorated with the joy, the peace, and the love of the Lord! Let me encourage you today, my friend, no matter what color you "seek to your home with what is true, whatever is noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, and whatever things are lovely......"Philippians 4:6. May the Lord bless you as you go about your day!