Friday, August 5, 2011


~Beach Umbrella's in vibrant gold for rent on the beach in Santa Monica, California~
~They even come with chairs and towels~
 ~The view from Casa Romantica in San Clemente, California~
I was blessed to spend a few days with my dear friend, Brigitte at her beach condo!
So fun!~
 ~San Clemente has beautiful, clear, pristine beaches~
It is known as the Spanish Village by the Sea
~The pier at San Clemente~
A view from Casa Romatica!
The blessings of the past two weeks have been numerous.  I am a far richer person in my soul for the gift of time that I was honored to spend with one of my daughter's, Shelly. I am honored that God would allow me to be her mother, her friend and that He entrusted Steve and me to rear her and nurture her gifts and talents!

You see, when a child is born, little do we comprehend at the moment, the hours, days, and years, if we are blessed, that will go into helping shape their lives.  So much could, I guess, be left to chance unless we seize the time given to us as a treasured gift.  Children are born with all sorts of possibilities and it is up to us as parents to guide them into the way they should go.  The Bible speaks of this as training them in the way they should go.  Training takes discipline and dedication to get the job done in a way that brings joy, happiness, and balance to a little child's life.  I believe that when we meet a child's needs early in their development we are laying a solid foundation for their lives as they grow and mature.  We know what is happening each day because we are involved in the shaping.  Our goal as parents hopefully is to be less and less involved in their personal choices as they reach maturity, giving them room to make their own decisions and room to flourish!  There is no definite time table and as wise parents we have to know when the time has arrived to begin letting go.

This brings me back to the past two weeks of my time with Shelly. She long ago left the "nest" but needed a little help to get her car out west for a new job. Steve worked round the clock to make sure her car was ready and prepared for the trip. With his blessings and prayers, we drove across country to three days.  The first evening we arrived in Austin, Texas to spend with Kristen and her sweet family!  Shelly enjoyed seeing Kristen's new home and the children!  We left early the next morning and stopped in Fredericksburg, Texas, a small town settled by German immigrants.  We enjoyed delicious pastries and coffee and even a winery and chocolate shop!  We had a rather long day but made it to Tucson, Arizona.  We talked, laughed, and experienced driving the desert together!  A beauty all it's own for sure.  Our final day was clear and beautiful arriving in Los Angeles around 4:00 pm! After checking into our hotel, we began our adventures! We had dinner the first evening on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.  This beautiful area offers everything you could imagine. Over the next few days, we found an apartment for her, shopped for new work clothes, shoes, and even found time to relax a little on Sunday and enjoy the beach! We enjoyed wonderful conversation and special times just walking around Santa Monica and the area where she'll be living.  Shelly is such a special person!  Her heart is big, her personality is captivating and she has always been open to life and all its opportunities.  Her travels have taken her so many places throughout Europe, North and South America and the United States, and her life is a sum of each experience. She is Shay~Shay to her nieces and nephews and so special to each one of them.  God gave us all an interesting, creative, fun, and beautiful  person inside and out when she entered our lives! She enjoys learning and she enjoys giving and sharing from what she has experienced!  We all hope for her so much success and joy in this new LIFE chapter!
 ~Saying goodbye for now to her siblings.....but looking forward to their visits to southern California!~
~For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord..."  Jeremiah 29:11
"You are my sunshine....!"