Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paris.....Simply Beautiful!

 ~This lovely couple made me fall in love with a pink Rose'....I'm not kidding!~ A true French couple, just out for the early evening, enjoying each others company!
Her jacket, her complexion, her feminine pose....all made me see the French women are all about classic beauty...untouched by others they simply were enjoying Paris at dusk....~
 ~Just as beautiful as one would imagine...The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889~
 ~Pink peonies in Paris.... and of course I thought Kacie and her love for pink peonies~
 ~The floral displays were fresh, fragrant, and charming...makes you think anything can grow in the soil of France~
 ~Beautiful Luxemburg Gardens, right in the heart of Paris!~
 ~Yellow, pink, gold, blue, purple...you pick...it is heaven...spectacular gardens provide any variety of flower for a simple bouquet or a garden party!~
 ~In Paris, it seems everyone appreciates beauty~
Splendid Chocolate.... in beautiful gift boxes!
~The Louvre~
It IS magical!
~Chic design and the way the French display with such ease and effortless style make us all enjoy shopping for our favorite finds.....hoping for just that right gift to bring home to a treasured friend!~

Paris is beautiful! The city of lights! Street after street looks like a postcard!  The cafes, the flowers, the museums, the parks, the people, the churches, the boutiques, the bakeries, and the coffees all make a trip to Paris a wonderful experience!  Some people go often, or so I'm told, but I've only been once and I will forever treasure the memories of Paris in my heart!  A city where people do not get in a hurry!  Women smell so good with their perfumes lavished on! I do love perfume! French women spend a great deal of time, I am thinking, to look beautiful, and they DO!  To me, it seemed relationships were treasured and intense.  They may have spent time dressing beautifully..... but the transparent way that they talked and chatted with one another was inspiring to me.  I thought, do we talk to each other that much in the United States? In our relationships, in our families?  Many of our events have to be planned....their's seemed more spontaneous!

If our day is changed and we are called upon to listen to a friend in need, do we listen?  I hope so.  I hope you have someone to share your needs and dreams with and someone who will listen.  Most importantly, as I stated,  I hope you and I are listeners.  Listening is a rare  and valuable trait!  So many times our thoughts are racing ahead to the next hour or tomorrows activites.  I pray we slow down....we learn the virtue of listening and caring and sharing another's burdens....it is then that we truly find that our own burdens are lighter!  To listen...yes....we should!  The trip to Paris was worth it....and especially the lesson in listening!