Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Anniversary Sara and Steven......

In the south, Mississippi is known as the Land of Cotton!  Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that can be twisted or spun into yarn or thread!  Cotton breathes!  What an amazing and beautiful backdrop a field of High Cotton created naturally for my son, Steven and his Bride, Sara two years ago this weekend!  Their wedding was planned just like they wanted it and their unique and artistic approach to life took center stage! It was perfect! The ceremony and the vows were full of beauty and even required an antique handkerchief when Sara's heart was touched by the words of the officiant. That memory is just one of the many special moments of their weekend. The music was all their favorites.....played by talented friends.  God gave them a beautiful fall afternoon surrounded by their families and friends in a setting, only He could design!   It is surreal that they have already been married two years  and are now living and working and enjoying life in California!  I wish them joy, love, patience, tenderness, goodness, good health and happiness all the days of their marriage!  Happy Anniversary, Sara and Steven!  You are so loved!!!!
Did you know 215 pairs of jeans are made from 1 bale of cotton?
Seems very fitting for them and their friends!