Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creative Spaces.....and Inspiration!

 ~The desk to the left and the bookcases in our library are filled with books that inspire~
 ~A board filled with magazine clippings, fabric swatches, and dreams always lead the creative spirit, igniting ideas and hopes for what we want to creative~
~As a complusitve reader (every chance I get) there are never enough books for me and this lovely library from Traditional Home Magazine really inspires~

Creativity is something I believe we all possess......but in the busy world in which we live, often the senses that yearn to create are snuffed out by the busyness of our lives! Woman or man we are blessed by our Creator to have within us qualities that inspire us to appreciate beauty, the artistic talents of others, music, good food and drink......YES someone created all these lovely things we enjoy!  Do you create for your family?  If so, where do you create?  Your kitchen table?  A sewing or craft room? What ignites your creative spirit?  For me, there are a few places I like to visit.....

1. Outdoors~give me a beautiful day in the yard, on a walk, or a drive and I am truly inspired!

2. A good book~There are many books I am inspired by,  with beautiful images created by others,  but my best inspiration comes from reading!  Reading about quaint villages, towns  or cities where real people live and laugh!

3.  Travel~I love to travel!  This can be down the road to another little town, a big city, another country, the mountains, the oceans and all in between. National parks and gardens hold much natural beauty that we have been blessed to enjoy! In our country we have the National Park System, in England, they have the National Trust Homes and Gardens.   I love learning  how others live and what inspires them as  people.  I enjoy learning about families in other cultures and their values. Families who LOVE, inspire!

4.  Those wiser than me~this would be those special women in my life who have served as mentors before me inspiring me by the way they live out their daily lives. Education falls into this category because an education of the mind and spirit continue throughout our lifetimes!  My grandmother so inspired all her family in our educational pursuits.  She was an advocatge of life~long learning!

5.  Fashion~I love a pretty dress, I love a lipstick, I love perfume.....I love being feminine and being a woman!  I am inspired by fashion that has stood the test of time!  Classic to the bone!

6.  My Family and Friends~I am inspired by the creative talents of my husband and each one of my children!  Everyday they surprise me with their talents!  Friendship is truly a gift! Our friends help us daily to be better people!

7.  My faith~This is the time of year, when I am most inspired!  Spring intersects with The Easter Season and the beautiful Scriptures in the Holy Bible  which share the TRUTHS of how Jesus gave His life on a Cross so that those who choose to BELIEVE in His saving grace could live eternally and forever with Him in a beautiful place called Heaven!  The Holy Spirit inspires me to look to The Father for inspiration and creativity! 
This ignites my passion for all that I do in life!  Living for His Glory!  I pray that as you prepare for this Spring season of Easter when so much is new and life is busy that you will reflect on the joy of knowing The Creator of The Universe......who breathed LIFE into all that is living on this earth! 

Joyous Easter!
Norwich Catherdral, Norwich England
Easter 2011