Saturday, September 15, 2012

Decorating Talents.....of Shelly

Shelly's New York Apartment
Shelly's Savannah Apartment

Home is where the heart is.....or so they say!  Whenever I get the opportunity, anyone who knows me, knows that in a moments notice I can pack my bag and head to one of our adult children's homes!  I wish it were possible for me to do this more often but as their jobs and lives have led them to far away places, it now takes a little more notice and effort and planning.  It is still worth it though and of course, I am always ready to GO! I am hopeful it is a season and one day we will all live closer.....but for now, I am keeping that bag handy!

One of the many qualities I admire about my daughter, Shelly, is her ability to take what appears as "junk" and make something artistic and interesting from it!  I could listen to her for hours, even though she is a girl of few words, to her stories of finding something trashed on the curb in New York or Savannah or now Los Angeles and making it a "new" work of art! 

I could not resist sharing two photos above of two different apartments she has artistically decorated as her own homes.  They are truly jewels in which a pretty room has become even more beautiful as each piece of art or furniture is well placed like a "bouquet of flowers"!

Shelly has definite ideas about how to display pieces of furniture, photos, books and art.  She can even incorporate plants and nature and can always be counted upon to make grand impressions with anything green!

Influenced by her education in art throughout her life, she takes the most simple piece of furniture and places it in the most tasetful way! 


This month's issue of ELLE DECOR just arrived in my mailbox and the cover brought me back to Shelly's New York apartment, above....the color of the walls especially!  In fashion, in style, in decor......she is always ahead of the curve.  She was wearing vintage finds long before it became chic'......that is our Shelly!  So special and so loved!!!!

As a parent, we should always invest in creative outlets.  Personally, that is to me what sets a person apart in can only take us so far and then the real soul of a person is drawn out from their life's experiences.  She is the child who saved her own money, traveled abroad with three changes of clothes and a few maps and brought back experiences which continue to shape her career and her life.  May I encourage you to think about your own creativity!  The dividends are remarkable always!  It is never to late to begin something new and creative unless you are not breathing!!!  Thank you, Shelly, for always sharing your life, your servants heart, and your educational pursuits with us!  Life is so fun because of you!
~Celebrating her LIFE on Montana Avenue~
~Jeremy and Shelly~