Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beautiful Joy.....

The gifts of the season....fresh tulips!

Several years ago we were living near an area where The Passion Play was performed professionally and whole-heartily in a beautiful outdoor setting.  It always amazed me each time we went how the actors were portraying with JOY their beliefs.  I often wondered where they all came from because there were at least two hundred actors.  It was really beautiful and always touched my heart deeply.  I know these actors were acting but many of them were acting out what they truly believed.  They brought the JOY of The Lord into their profession.  Another time, two years ago while in a small village in France on Palm Sunday I witnessed something similar.  The Believers in the village were walking to church, each one of them carrying branches or bouquets of lavender bundled together beautifully.  I was amazed at how many people were attending worship.  The church was in the center of the village.  People of all ages which included sweet children who were carrying their bundles of lavender.  These villagers possessed JOY!  It was beautiful to behold.  Afterwards, my daughter and I saw how they had placed their lavender bouquets under the railing going up the steps to the sanctuary.  It is a picture forever etched in my mind.  

These are memory banks tucked away, and even now encourage me as I think about the blessings of other Believers that God has allowed in my life.  I hope you have people in your life who point you to Jesus and show you the JOY that can be found in knowing HIM and worshipping HIM!  He is JOY!  Full Joy!

A quote by author Dallas Willard confirms this....... "Having one's joy "full" means there is no room for more of it.  Full joy is our first line of defense against weakness, failure and disease of mind and body.  But even when these break through in our life, "the joy of The Lord is our strength".

   In our daily lives, I think most of us desire to impart JOY!  Joy for me begins in preparing my heart and my home for those who will share Easter with me.  Even a simple breakfast table setting like the ones above can be brought before God with blessing and JOY!  Bring what gifts God has given you to Him and He will receive them and make something beautiful out of your life!   Blessings of JOY to you my friend!

 ~St. Remy de Provence, Palm Sunday 2011~
Just inside these doors.....the lavender was placed along the railing!
~Chateau nuef de Pape~Palm Sunday, 2011 
Beautiful JOY!