Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mother's Beauty Routine......

Most Mothers want to look their best!  I remember as a little girl, I thought my mother was the prettiest of all the other mothers I knew.  She was stylish at the time, wearing heels and matching purses.  She had really beautiful clothing.  I wonder if she wore much makeup.  Probably less than I do today but I do recall she used Merle Norman products!  As mothers and grandmothers :) we want to look our best. 

 I have enjoyed facials now for two years and using Obagi products and I can certainly tell a difference.  I am able to use less makeup than before, which I like!  For foundation, I use Bobbi Brown products because they match my skin tone well.  Recently, I asked my daughter in law, Sara, who sells skin products about BB cream that everyone is talking about.  It was a lesson that was helpful!  I also have the concealer listed above by Laura Mercier.  Here is the reason I have decided my routine must change.....I was putting the concealer on first and this step is STEP 3!!!!  No wonder, I am looking older!  But truly, is this what makes a woman beautiful?  Is this what makes a Mother beautiful?  

Scripture clearly states in Psalm 34:5 "Those who look to Him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame". When one is filled with the love of God this LOVE is shining and vividly bright, glowing with happiness and joy! Yes, these products we mothers purchase are helpful but they can only improve our faces so far......then the real woman comes out. It is my prayer for The Lord of Light, who is the source of all light to shine on me and on you! May He fill every dark corner with His bright and radiant love! I KNOW I need Him to do this in my life! Wherever He leads you or me today, it really won't matter the order in which We applied our skin care products! This is a TRUE blessing!

 Enjoy your day sweet beautiful friend!

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Lovely~I might add what we fill our spirits with!
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