Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Is Beautiful.......

This room just inspires me!  I see the color first.....of which I am still trying to determine.  I believe it is a room that perhaps changes color according to the time of day and the position of the sun.  The art reminds me of pieces I have seen in France or in galleries and art museums.....lovely and again depending upon the time of day the reflection of the sun determines what the eye sees.  I see the back of the sofa, its curve, its stability, its beauty.  Last but not least I see the brilliance of the chandelier and can just imagine when it is lit how it must illuminate the room.  It is a work of beauty and art also for someone took the time to skillfully design and create it from crystals, and other precious metals. In our lives,  we must seek to look for beauty in everyone and everything.  It shouldn't be an afterthought but a good thought first as we encounter someone or something.  I am inspired by nature, by being outdoors and looking for beauty in God's creative and majestic hands!  His world and all the spaces and places He hath created just inspire me.  Each walk or journey is like a room from the mountains or to the seas.......these are God's dwelling places....His rooms so to speak. He is the grand designer and in wisdom and creativity created this beautiful world we live in!  The Scriptures teach us that His Spirit also dwells within us making a dwelling place within our soul that He is able to daily fill and  to transform us into His own image! The goodness of The Lord, in His timing, does this in my life and in yours [and your child's too]!  I hope you enjoy each day you are given......don't worry about tomorrow, just seek to fulfill the duties of this one day.  Like the beautiful room above that inspires......God places people and circumstances in our pathway each day to refine, restore, and renew until ultimately LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

 I pray we can all be the kind of person that helps others become more beautiful.....that we say and do things that inspire and build up, not tear down.  You know, it's really true, people will remember how we make them feel long after we're gone.  I hope we prayerfully can become beautiful in thought, word, and deed!  What a beautiful rooms our souls will be! 

 "He hath made everything beautiful in its time". Ecclesiastes 3:11

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