Monday, February 18, 2013

Early Easter Ideas......

It's hard to believe Easter is just six short weeks away!  This year Spring will be early because Easter is March 31.  There is a song from the early 70's that I love by Carole King...."Winter Spring Summer or Fall......All you've got to do is call.....And I'll be there.  Yes, I've got a friend."  Every season of the year our friends and family who share our lives are such special gifts.....doesn't really matter the season as long as they are near!  I love planning for any holiday celebration way in advance and thinking about what I will prepare in the way of flowers, table decor, and especially the menu but most importantly where each person will be seated and by whom (and hope that those I love will be able to share it with me)!  I think of the sparkling, zesty fragrances of the Springtime fruits like strawberries and blueberries!  I think of the spring flowers like the ones in the photograph above that meet me on my morning walks and provide a sort of spiritual pick me up during the day!  Yes, I love each new season but there is something about Easter and the spring that rejuvenate both body and mind and soul!  Over the next few days, I hope to share a few ideas for Springtime table settings.  The first one is for a Easter Sunday Lunch! 

 Blessings shared with others always bring us the greatest joys.  Making memories together with loved ones bond us not only in the present but create bonds for our children and grandchildren in the future.  These memories tie the lives of little ones together with family and bind for the days ahead in their young lives!  Yes, these are the days....the best of days!  Enjoy each one!
 This antique English flower and herb china is perfect to bring out for the Easter Season!
Add fresh flowers, pressed linens, and a few candles and you are set!
Candle~light always sets the mood!  It's like saying "I am so glad you are here.  It helps me to realize how beautiful my world is."  Rainer Maria Rilke

 Gracious Father, thank you O Lord for this beautiful time of year!  Thank you for giving your Son, Jesus, to show us how to live.  Thank you for Your Word which reveals to us your plan for our salvation.  Thank you, O Lord, that it is through You that we truly can recieve New Life and the gift of the Holy Spirit and that we can truly celebrate this beautiful season of LIFE everlasting with You!  Thank you for blessed JOY that is found in YOU!

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