Sunday, January 20, 2013

French Dreams.......

On a recent trip to one of my favorite antique shops I ran across an old sofa just waiting to be loved! The problem was it was extremely dated and worn out! However since I am always dreaming in French, I saw the loveliness of its form and all the grace of its hidden treasure. I looked lovingly at it, got down on my knees and looked under it, looked at the back and thought "okay I will think about it". I asked the shop owner to hold it and called back the following day and said I would be there on Friday to buy it. I remembered in my purse (somewhere) there was the name of a wonderful upholsterer nearby that I could call. As luck would have it, he was Irish and perfect for the job. He even went and picked up the sofa for me! I selected my fabric and delivered it to him and a week later it is sitting in my house! Looking at it, it is a beginning to my dream, my shop, Bevilaqua Interiors. I hope to have a shop one day to display my wares and my talents "For Sale". In the meantime, it will sit quietly and dream with me! I paid $150.00 for this investment. I did invest in the upholstery but I think my return will be greatly increased. He recommended French tacts and he had the fittings and materials necessary for a professional job. It has a French aesthetic that now inspires me even more to follow the dreams yet to be! The last photo is of our guest room that we've painted and furnished with new bedcoverings. you can see, we've had a busy January alreadly and today we are just twenty days into the new year! Do not be afraid to cultivate your dreams! You have talents, God given talents and that is where you should always begin. Ask yourself..... What are my strengths? What are my talents? What do I truly enjoy? I confess I have a spirit of dreamer in my blood and my true calling is to combine my love of sewing with making others happy with beautiful touches! My new French sofa will be a good place for my clients to be inspired! I am confident each one can say....."dreams really do come true!" I dreamed of this sofa and there is was, right before my eyes! Have a beautiful Sunday!!!!

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  1. So lovely. Can't wait to see in person. Kristen