Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Door and A Cleft.......

France (where I snapped this pic) is very much a country filled with milk and honey for those who have sought and found treasures there! Its people, the language, the villages, and oh yes, Paris! I am happy and thankful to be an American but I enjoy this beautiful country and its treasures! The lovely door above reminds me that behind a closed door there are treasures. I enjoy thinking what could be there. A courtyard? An entryway? A fragrant garden filled with fragrant flowers? It is so fun to imagine what could be found behind those closed doors, certainly something secret and meant to be hidden behind such massive doors. Lately, I have been on a study of a passage in the Scriptures that is filled with blessing. There are certain times when God hides us in the "cleft of the rock" to protect us and cover us from things we do not fully understand or are prepared to see just yet. Have you ever been in a spot like that, where you wanted the next door to open so you could see what is behind it but He has placed you in "the cleft" because He is not quiet ready for you to see. The passage is so beautiful......."And The Lord said, Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock. So it shall be while my glory passes by that I will put you in the cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand, while I pass by." Exodus 31:21-22. It's beautiful that the Lord placed Moses in the cleft in a place so very, very close to where His glory was passing by. In times of uncertainty and change, God is very present and always protecting until we are safe to proceed out of "the cleft" or through an open door. You see, He Divinely protects those He loves, He covers us and He is always a refuge for us. His truth shall be a shield and a buckler for those who put their trust in Him. When we are placed by Him in this "cleft" it is up to us to make Him our refuge and habitation by trusting Him~taking our cares, fears and needs to Him by seeking His counsel, spending times of refreshment with Him, and by loving Him and walking closely with Him through every day. When we do this, we enter into a sheltered place of promise. It doesn't mean that we will be free of all our problems but behind this closed door while in "the cleft" we are able to find renewed fellowship with God and discover more of His glory as He passes by with His all encompassing love and mercy. Allow Him to close and open doors in your life. He so graciously is offering to be by you in "the cleft." Have a blessed and special weekend my friend! xoxo

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