Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breakfast at Kacie's

In the wonderful film, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS, there is quote by Holly Golightly that I love! Here it goes:

 "Holly Golightly: Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am? Paul Varjak: Yes!" That would be me this morning after the wonderful breakfast my daughter Kacie prepared!

Isn't this amazing and she whipped this out effortlessly and served it beautifully?  She poached the egg, placed it on an English muffin, topped it with two generous slices of fresh tomato and sliced basil! I also love her dishes and her straws! Kacie's kitchen is an amazing place to view as she has all the appliances, the small kitchen tools necessary to perfect and,  the colorful pots for cooking! I think what amazes me most though is the enthusiasm that she puts into her adventures of cooking nutritional meals for her family. She shops at Natural Grocers for almost all her ingredients! I learn from her each time I am blessed to be in her lovely home! She has a talent with kind words too! Their beautiful and graceful impact upon those she shares herself  and her words with are indeed better! She is so, so, so real!

 Glorious God, bless her home, her kitchen, her life, her family. Each of us should embrace the place God has us for the day. HE alone is able to bless us with joy to fulfill our hopes and dreams. As a mother, I hope this for my own children and others I love and care about. As parents, we only are able to cradle our children for a short time in our arms and then they are off.......fulfilling their own dreams. We parented our children whole heartily and then set them free with our blessing and love. I am so proud of who they are and yes, I am divinely and utterly happy to have breakfast at Kacie's ANY morning!

You might enjoy adding some colorful cookware to your kitchen too!
Her cookware is Le Creuset, made in France! Ahhhhh!  No wonder I love it!
You can find it at Williams Sonoma!
Enjoy your beautiful day!
May it be a Glory to God!

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