Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Throw a Picnic.....

You know by now that I love a party! Any kind, any day, any where! I can think about how to decorate, what to prepare, the table settings, the centerpiece and more for hours! I get excited about this type of situation! I realize not everyone does but I enjoy celebrations! Recently, along with my sister in law, Mary Alice, we put together a very successful Mother's Day picnic for our sweet Baba, our mother in law! In my head, I was thinking about how to make it fun for the guys and fun for her. I found festive plates, napkins, and plastic wear all inexpensively which set the mood! We prepared chicken salad, orzo salad, a citrus salad and served bottled water, white wine, and croissants. Some delicious oatmeal cookies were served for dessert! We searched the day before for a covered picnic table in case of rain and it did rain on the day of our party but we celebrated anyway! It didn't matter because our reason to celebrate was full of love and happiness........that would be Baba! Stress doesn't have to be a part of party planning if you keep the thought close at heart of why you are having the celebration! You would have thought we were entertaining at a five-star restaurant! Everyone was happy and then rain only added to the ambience! Our day had been blessed because our motives were pure. That is what truly matters in any celebration of life! I hope you get the chance to plan a party soon! It's always a treat for me!

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