Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dreaming Big......

In the journey of my life, I have been blessed so much more than I could have ever dreamed. Growing up in a small town, in a somewhat broken family, I did have hopes and some dreams. My dreams were about leaving and becoming a better person, being a true friend, having a husband, a family, giving more to others, and sharing my faith in the Lord. Broken homes have a lot of pain, I admit, I wanted to block this out.... the pain. So as I began my simple journey just two hours away from that small town I enrolled in The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Looking back, my grandparents were such a stable force and I am thankful for them and their giving hearts for us and helping me begin college. My first year in college I met my husband, Steve. His vision for life is similar to the celebrated Christian author, Dr. Henrietta Mears. In her book DREAM BIG, she shares her faith and her vision of winning others to Christ and living large and dreaming big dreams! The Lord used her mightily in her lifetime in Southern California for a much bigger dream HE had for her life than she could have imagined in teaching and training young adults for lives surrendered to God. Such an amazing testimony!!! For Steve and I, as our journey began together, we accepted God's call on our lives. We did surrender together, we were even baptized by our Pastor while we were living in Southern California in the same baptismal at the same time!! We accepted the teachings of the Bible and spent lots of time learning and living for and about our Savior. I am not the same person I was in that small town. I am a new creation in Christ and HE is STILL shaping my life. I am so thankful. I am still learning what it means to be loved and to share and give love. The journey has moved us several times, given us a precious bunch of children and now grandchildren to love. We also have some amazing son in laws. I pray each day the LORD will open each heart to receive the blessings HE has for them as they fully understand that JESUS paid it all for them to have the lives they now have. Yes, we saw to it that they had the material blessings but only JESUS can give them the spiritual blessings to fill their souls. 

 I am now blessed by their journeys! The most recent journey has given me the blessing of being with sweet Kacie and her family! Josh is such an amazing father and husband! His family devoted their lives to making him into a wonderful man. He has wonderful parents. He actually was given excellent training by his Dad for the current job he now has in WYOMING! Josh found a beautiful home for his sweet family and they have decorated it and brought it to life!!! It is beautiful and such a happy place! In the Bible in JOHN 4, Jesus was traveling through Samaria on his journey when he stopped at a well and was offered water by a Samaritian woman. It was here that she was blessed by the gift of Living Water that Jesus offered and Jesus was blessed by her gift to bring him water for refreshment. 

Every journey has a blessing my friend! My journey here to visit with my beautiful daughter and her family has renewed my faith in dreaming, dreaming big, for God has surely blessed my small dreams beyond my wildest imaginations! To see HIS blessing upon others, upon those who you have prayed for in your own journey is indeed a gift from God! Enjoy the photos below of their beautiful home and their journey to Wyoming!

Another delicious breakfast at Kacie's.....Greek yogurt, berries, fresh mint, and a healthly bagel!!!

The guest room is lovely!!! Sleeping peacefully each night!!!

Play room, family hang out, beautiful sofa is from Restoration Hardware!

Interesting books are tastefully displayed!

The living room has a beautiful view of the mountains!

I made these window treatments and they are used tastefully in their kitchen!

A gift from GOD in the journey of life!!! A radiant young woman whose life has blessed mine beyond my biggest dream! Love and laughter all in one! May your day be blessed my friend for the glory and goodness of the LORD!

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  1. What a lovely post, Penny!!! What a treat to see Kacie, too!

    The Guest Room is soo beautiful!!

    And I adore this last picture of you & the Evans Family, what a wonderful
    photograph of Love and Joy !!!!!