Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dreamy White Room......

~Photo from Victoria~
There are days when an all white room would be perfect!  The heat in south Mississippi is already pouring down on us here!  White rooms, white furniture, white flowers, white towels, pure thoughts, pure motives, pure heart!  Those are what I wish for you and for myself today!!!!  Enjoy the day that God has placed before you! 

AT HOME WITH white   is a fantastic little book by Atlanta Bartlett, an interiors stylist whose trademark look is best described as accessible and easy-going.  In the book she shows you how to keep white contemporary using different textures and shades of white.  The book is divided into sections, each sharing about a particular mood one might want to create in their home.  I love the section on romantic white.  She says, "Romance comes in many guises, from fairy tale to boudoir, and can therefore be adapted to suit a variety of tastes.  it is not a look anchored in practicality, but a means of escape to whisk you away from the humdrum of everyday life."  I like that!  Here's hoping to do away with humdrum lives!!!  That is my goal at STARFISH DESIGNS!!!!

 Who doesn't love a white seashell?
 I found mine on sale!!!!  
order from
 ~The Jekyll Island Club Hotel off the coast of Georgia~
The scene of great "WHITE"  memories!!!!

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