Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wrought Iron Accents.......

~Beautifully Painted Wrought Iron Doors~
~Wrought Iron stair rail off a courtyard in Paris, France~
 ~Wrought Iron Balcony in Avignon, France~
 ~Wrought Iron Accents in Chateauneuf`du Paups~
~Wrought Iron stair railing 
as seen in Veranda Magazine~
~Beautiful Entry Doors in Paris~
~Wrought Iron Accent~

I love wrought iron, period!  The glistening qualities of a spectacular piece that has been forged by a craftsman adds beauty and definition to a home.  It can be found above windows, on windows, accents for windows, above doors, exterior stairways and we also find it everywhere on the interior of homes thanks to the beautiful influence of French style homes and interiors.  

When we found our home, already built and new three years ago, the French exterior style of the house is what we liked most! The touch of wrought iron was a plus!  What exactly is wrought iron?  Webster's defines it as a kind of iron that contains very little carbon.  It is tough and hard to break but easy to work or shape.  I had to laugh....... that could describe me lately!  I liked that definition and now I understand why it so beautiful!  It is tough and hard but easy to work or shape.  Shouldn't we be like that?  The easy to shape part.  Have you ever seen wrought iron on an old house that is rusted, chipped, and needing a little extra love and care.  A tender touch perhaps.  Patience of a skilled craftsman brings it back to its original state.

We too get tough and rusted and chipped by the "things" we go through in life.  Life is meant to be fun, happy, healthy and enjoyed!  When we go through dark times which often God has allowed into our lives, hopefully we reach out to Him and find His light in them.  Sort of like a new fresh coat of paint.  New again.  Submitting to being shaped and hammered, like the wrought iron, is a process.  The  beauty found in a finished piece of wrought iron goes through fire, hammering or beating but the finished product is glorious and beautiful!  "As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."  Proverbs 27:17 Do you know someone who is "bent out of shape"?   Encouragement is a tool we can all use.  Encourage someone today and you just might find that he or she will reflect a countenance of beauty.  If it is you who needs encouragement dear one.....may I be one who can encourage you?  Take heart knowing that you are created in the image of God and He makes no mistakes.  He loves you with an everlasting love and sent His Son, Jesus to show you the way to live and love.......blessings be upon you today and forever! Amen!
ttouttbeau a ses moments
(everything beautiful has its moments)

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