Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outdoor Furniture and It's Beauty....

 ~This beautiful chair is by Pierce Martin~
~from Veranda~
~This lovely setting of Sutherland's Peninsula Chaise is by designer Terry Hunziker~
~Photo from Veranda~
 These two handsome and beautiful beach babies belong by the Ocean for sure!
After a long day of swimming with Nina and Pops there is nothing more relaxing than to lay out by the pool and have your favorite boxed beverage in a comfortable chaise!!!  To spend time with a child is a beautiful way to REFRESH!  They see the good and the beauty in should we! 

Shopping for outdoor furniture today is a bit like shopping for a new sofa!  There are many styles and many colors and oh for sure many price ranges!  These beautiful designs above caught my eye for their simplicity and their curves.  Symmetry gives the look a sleek, relaxed feel, with clean lines.  Before the season is out....I would like to find a couple of nice chairs for our patio!

How do you relax?  How do you restore?  How do you refresh?  For sure, today everyone seems to lead such a busy life.  It is still important to have those times of rest and restoration.   In the beautiful little book  Gift from THE SEA ,  Ann Morrow Lindbergh writes how at the beach as one begins to relax, " the tired body takes completely over. As on shipboard, one descends into a deck-chair apathy. One is forced against one's mind, against all tidy resolutions, back into the primeval rhythms of the seashore.  Rollers on the beach, wind in the pines, the slow flapping of herons across sand dunes, drown out the hectic rhythms of city and suburb, time tables and schedules.  One falls under their spell, relaxes, stretches out prone.  One becomes, in fact, like the element on which one lies, flattened by the sea: bare, open empty as the beach, erased by today's tides of all yesterdays's scribblings."   Isn't that what we hope for? To let go is good. She goes on to say as the week at the seashore progresses," we are able to lie open, choiceless as a beach~waiting for a gift from the sea."  Who really knows what God will bring you today?  Let today be a gift!

It is my hope than you have times to relax and restore.  It is important.  It makes one sweeter inside and out!  Here's to a sweet day for you dear friend!

In the Bible, God speaks of repentance also as a way of refreshment.  We all need to repent of sin in our lives, you know things we do or say that do not reflect God's best for us.  It's a hard place to see....that we need to turn and ask God to help us start fresh so that we can be a vessel as beautiful as a seashell found as a gift on the seashore.  Acts 3:19 encourages us to "Repent therefore and be converted, that yours sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come form the presence of the Lord."  Enjoy those precious time that come from the presence of the LORD!  You are a special treasure!  Amen!

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  1. Thanks Mom! I am blessed to get to share life by the sea with you!!!