Thursday, September 9, 2010


This lovely dining room does not say me it says, "Come in!  I'm so glad you're here, I have been waiting for you!"  Can you imagine being greeted in that way when you arrive at a friend's home or when your guest arrives at your house?  We should, for truly when the focus is on the other person that person is made to feel very special.  The table is set with fresh flowers, most likely from the garden, the glasses are ready for a festive drink and the colors are cool and relaxing!  This photo is from~you guessed it~House Beautiful!!!  I hope you have times of refreshment because times of true refreshment come from the Lord!  Acts 3:19

Today, I have had that sort of relaxed and special day.  Sort of a day off from the normal things that I would be working on,  but one that has brought a joy and restoration within my soul.  Today is the birthday of my daughter, Kacie Elizabeth!  We enjoyed lunch together, laughing at the enormous amount of Sushi that we ordered for two people and talking about her blessings of family and her special friends and how much they mean to her.  We had as much Sushi to bring home for dinner......but it was fun and enjoyable to be with such a precious person, a privilege for me because when I am with someone I care about, it is a time of refreshment.  We even had a few minutes to browse a couple of antique shops~such fun in a short amount of time.

Our lives are full, for sure, but it takes just a few minutes to make someone feel special and to say, "Come in!  I'm so glad you're here, I have been waiting for you!"  That is the way Kacie made me feel, even on her own birthday!  What a gift she is to all who know and love her!  Happy Birthday sweet Kacie!

Philemon 20 ........."refresh my heart in Christ."

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