Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Time and The Skin.......

I love being outdoors!  It has to be my favorite place just to be!  My daily routine involves a long walk, sometimes a jog, and sometimes paddle boarding.  I love also gardening and making my gardens as lovely as possible.  Summertime is my season! All of this can take a toll on my skin unless I am careful to prepare ahead of time.  Extra exposure to sun can damage our skin and it is hard to turn the clock back once there has been damage. I have learned this the hard way.  Two summers ago, I had a scare with a small basal cell carcinoma!  I was shocked this happened to me because I thought I was being careful.  I have learned sun screen is so very important.  It is very important to even wear sun screen when we drive daily in our cars. warning to everyone is:  take care NOW by limiting your exposure and use products that cover for protection.  I use Obagi skin care products and have found these to help in both cleansing and nourishing my skin.  Drinking lots of water also helps keep that glow we all desire! Over the past three years, I have tried to wear less makeup to cover my flaws and enhance the good qualities by using just a little blush and lipstick!   I just cannot  forget my lipstick!!!  Enjoy your summer by the pool, at the beach, or outdoors but be sooooo careful to cover your beautiful skin!!!!

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