Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paris.....The City of Light

Paris....What can be added to these wonderful pictures except to say~perfection!  Paris is known as the city of light for a reason.  I love everything about Paris and do not think I could ever get enough of her!!!!

My grandmother inspired all her grandchildren to see the world!  She did herself.  She traveled and planned and planned for others to travel with her.  This was my mindset when I began planning over a year ago a trip of a lifetime for three of my friends who live in Jackson, Mississippi.  We had a wonderful time together touring England and then passing easily into France via the Eurostar and our destination of course was Paris!  I think the girls had a blast and the walking, the talking, the cafes, the wines, the laughs over words we tried to say in French, the stress (a little bit), the art district, the boat ride on the Seine, the prayers in the great cathedrals, and the taxi rides.....the list goes on.

If you've ever thought of traveling, you should go!  As I said, my grandmother's love for people and her giving spirit of seeing others happy continues to touch my life every single day even though she has been in Heaven three years now.  I would be most happy to help you plan a trip!  You can message me at pbevila@gmail.com and I will gladly share any knowledge about planning a trip abroad.  I can give you tips on how the manage the trains, the museums, the best areas to book your hotels, and the best places to dine!!!
Our journey through life is truly very short. We are given only a select number of years then it's gone. I feel enormously blessed to have found my purpose in life early. Oh there have been times when I have asked The Lord to take me a different direction but He has ordered my steps as he has seen fit. My spiritual ear hums no matter where God allows me to go. You see, early in life I was taught that a relationship with God was a personal one in which He speaks to His children. This speaking comes when we read The Bible and His love and His ways are imprinted on my heart and He has full control in changing my heart from mine to His. The journey of life is so much lighter and so much more beautiful when it is shared each day with HIM! I thank Him for giving me this season in life where I have experienced so much joy in sharing the journey and trip with others! Take time to be with the people you love and care about. It doesn't have to be Paris......it can be your own backyard filled with the pleasures of being with the people you care about! Everyday is a GIFT!!! Have a blessed one my friend!

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