Thursday, August 2, 2012


Blessings come in many ways and so do needs! God is always ready to do great things on behalf of those who place their trust in Him. Pastor Chuck Swindoll has always been one of my favorites because of his practical wisdom as he teaches what scripture is saying. He writes....."Let us be thankful for angels. Angels exist as supernatural creatures in and about heaven, and they are frequently dispatched to earth in human form to bring encouragement and assistance. God's special messengers are often invisible but never impotent. It is amazing how many of us have stories of divine deliverance to tell yet seldom take the time to do so. Take time. It will strengthen your faith". "He will command his angels concerning you to guard you". Psalm 91:11


  1. Hi Penny ! I have been thinking of you this week as we returned from Tulsa to visit my family this summer.
    I adore this sweet, simple blog post because as you know, I had a breathtaking experience with an Angel last fall, and more importantly I am always on the look out for them everywhere! God is amazing and has continued to show himself Faithful to me and my family this year.
    I picked up some precious tiffany blue linens from my grandparents who recently moved over to assisted living, and I thought of you !!! They are so sweet because I may not know of all the memories they hold, but many there are, I am sure :)
    Hugs & Love this August..........Becky

  2. Also, My hubby, Lily and I belonged to Chuck's church before we moved down to Temple! What a beautiful memory that was for us.