Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clean Lines and other thoughts......

In a trend toward clean lines and modern spaces, many decorators are embracing all things slip covered or lighter fabrics in upholstery. The idea can be easily embraced if you have antiques you do not want to paint or white wash by adding a slip cover (a less expensive way for change) This was just what I did in my dining room! I created a beautiful, comfortable, and functional decor with fabric I purchased for five dollars a yard!

For several years I have enjoyed the look of a beautiful oriental rug, in my dining room, that I purchased while living in Jackson, Mississippi. It is a beautiful rug and one I am sure my children will inherit ( by drawing straws) when I am gone! :-). But the mood just came over me to finally take it out of the dining room and relocate it to the bedroom! I know we will enjoy it there for its beautiful colors and weaves! Sometimes beauty emerges from restraint and the urge to seek comfort rather than style. Rugs are great for that grace and ease, especially in a bedroom.

I love working with silks, and this lovely home I have featured before for the homeowners desire to give some of her darker wood pieces a pop with lighter paint on the walls and the cool colors of the curtains. She purposefully purchased lighter drapery fabrics for all her window treatments. I enjoyed sewing her window treatments and look forward to assisting her again in her new home. She moved with the drapes in hand! (so glad)

These silk ball gown draperies gave the same affect. The result is a livable, grace and ease in the more formal dining room. A beautiful space! Simple and elegant!

My next bold move is..... by December, I hope to have a pair of wing chairs covered in a beautiful creamy white! I know white is not a practical aspect for mothers of young children but it is an aesthetic that I am thinking might be good for the soul! No matter where you are in life, individual beauty in your home comes from a soul flooded with light and a pure spirit! I always find direction from God's words on how to clothe my spirit each day. His words sometimes are a challenge but if we come humbly before Him, our spirits are lightened and lifted so that we can set about our duties of the day more in keeping with a life well lived. His supply is endless!!!

A while back I found this inspiring home on a blog and cannot get it off my mind! I love how it has aged both gracefully and beautifully! I hope as you embrace your day and the weeks and years ahead that you too will brighten the dark places in your home ( and perhaps your life) with light and love! Enjoy your day! It is a gift from God to use for His magnificent glory and grace! Isn't all of creation grand? As the door opens into your home, may the first impression be that your guest are welcomed and that you have been waiting for them!!! May they feel your thoughts, "welcome to my home"!!!

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  1. Penny, Please keep us posted on your wing back chairs! I adore them as well, and hope one day I can find a sweet pair at my favorite antique
    shop ~ or wherever God leads me too :)

    Bless you dear friend in this Season of your Blessed life.

    HUGS ! !