Friday, May 4, 2012

Thoughts on Mothering

Dear is almost Mother's Day! The flowers are blooming everywhere and special events such as end of the school year parties and graduation's are also happening! Mother's Day is special for me because I LOVE being a mother! I consider mothering a wonderful, wonderful blessing! Gracious and nurturing mothers build homes that are to their children a sanctuary and shelter, the very heart of the home is centered in the unselfish love that mothers give and provide. As our lives get busier, the place of rest and retreat becomes important. In our homes we dream, we heal, we pray and refresh our spirits! We offer soothing words and hopefully influence others in positive ways. We prepare meals, wash clothes and prepare for both the beginning and the ending of the day. We read bed-time stories, again and again! What is more beautiful than a sleeping child, feeling at peace because he feels loved and safe in a mother's care. That should never really change. When our children are at home, it doesn't matter what their age is currently, they should feel welcomed and loved, loved, loved! I am a mother to five and now a grandmother to six. When I obtained my degree in both early childhood and elementary education, I enjoyed studying about the development of a child and studied with such interest. Did you know that according to documented statistics the first three years of a child's life are the MOST important? This is well documented in a wonderful book by Dr. Burton L. White entitled simply, THE FIRST THREE YEARS OF LIFE. The self esteem is cemented, the vocabulary is established, and the physical development equals this rapid rise of importance in just three years. The mother, according to most child development experts, is the best person to provide this care if at all possible. My own mother reared us as a single mother until I was twelve. She worked outside the home and did the best she could with the help of grandmothers and others. So, when my own opportunity to mother came along, I knew I wanted to be the provider for my children, it was so strong, this instinct, as if it were a full time calling. Perhaps, now as I look back, I understand the wisdom God was giving me to mother a large family. The primary influence so to speak in their lives. The small sacrifices along the way any mother makes does not compare with the joy that is given and a joy that I now have now in seeing my children living as amazing and special adults. The time investment has been returned so many times! I am humbled and grateful that God allowed me this wonderful honor. Now, a few tips: A good mother knows when to button her lip and just offer her hands. She knows support is needed as her adult children become parents.....sometimes even a $20.00 bill for a manicure helps! I know not all families are a PARADISE [we too have had our private trials] but if you have a family and you are a mother, let me urge you to let go of expectations.......accept more, pray without ceasing, and offer your time to baby sit and cuddle and oh yes....cook! A good mother knows when she visits her adult children she must bring something of sustenance! Mothering is full of sweetness, knee deep in prayer time, and a car full of happy children making plans for the future! Yes, dreaming! Enjoy mothering and if you are not a mother, share your time with one. You will be blessed but more importantly you will be a part of blessing and giving to another soul! My heart goes out to mothers who have lost their child, such a tender place, these mothers need you to remember them especially. My porch above is always open for my family and their friends. We have listened there, counseled there, been counseled there by our children or our son-in-laws, and shared many happy moments! Being a mother is like setting in a flowering field and soaking up all the fragrance and beauty around you. I hope by God's design, if you are a MOTHER you have a contentment you never thought possible! Have a blessed and happy weekend my friends! xxoo

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  1. In our homes we dream, we heal, we pray and refresh our spirits!
    No truer words spoken, thank you Penny.

    What a gift your words are. What a rich and glorious gift, Motherhood!!!

    God bless you so very very much on YOUR special day! May HE provide you with buckets of sunshine & love as you journey through your week,
    to celebrate 30+ years of mothering, Godly mothering.