Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My sweet Kara sent me this beautiful book by Nichole Robertson. It was a lovely SUPRISE gift to me and nothing could have brought me more joy of seeing photos of Paris! [perhaps seeing Kara] The author says one of the things PARIS taught her was to "take her time". I SO agree.....that is a good reason to go to PARIS! Time is of the essence....I must go soon.....I just wish I had more time! Enjoy my photos below of my own Paris in color!

The sure you find a quaint one! Location is important in getting around! Plan to walk a lot. You will want this experience!

Every corner is a photograph....happiness is everywhere at your leisure!

Each building seems to be more beautiful than the one before!

Take time to soak it all enjoy! I certainly did!

Window displays are the prettiest...each shop keeper goes to great detail!

Enjoy the coffees and the lattes and the conversation! Planning our next museum or garden.......

The stairways in the hotels and homes are magnificent! Very old and lovely!

Take photographs.....perhaps you will go again....but you always remember!

Before you sure to have a croissant! Try their Americano coffee! Most of all, savor every moment. Paris, I hope to see you soon!

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