Monday, March 19, 2012

The Purity of WHITE......

On this glorious March day I hope your day is as beautiful as the pretty white tulips I found for a Spring bouquet! White is so ......WHITE! I love to plant white seasonal flowers in my gardens! When you are describing a color to a painter or a decorator you may have seen in a magazine or a home, rarely do you have to describe WHITE! People understand clearly the description of a white room or white fabrics used for bed linens or window dressings or better yet white towels! Who doesn't love white towels? I wasn't really thinking WHITE this morning as I read the book of I Thessalonians but as I was reading, about the gospel being shared and reaching Europe around A.D. 49 I saw clearly as black and WHITE, the message of the clarity of the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is a book marked by thankfulness over the growth of the church and the return and coming again of Jesus Christ one day in the future. As a believer in Christ and one of many others who share my faith, we confidently await the return of Christ one day soon! The book also speaks of hope, not as a sense of an optimistic outlook or wishful thinking but in the confident expectation based on certainty of the Scriptures that our lives can be full of hope! Biblical hope rests upon God's promises throughout the Bible. Hope is an extension of faith in Christ. When one truly loves Jesus the GOSPEL truth just over flows and spills out! Most often as I Thessalonians 2:7 states it is best received by an unbeliever when we are gentle among among them, "just as a nursing mother cherishes her children". After I had read this book this morning I spoke with one of my beautiful darling daughters and she begin to share with me about the gospel and how it was so black and white and purposeful. We spoke of how many, many, many churches today water down the purity of the Word and just want listeners to feel like everyone is okay to believe their way. I hope you know that Christ died for your sins, He came to give you purpose and value, and He can give a repentant and broken spirit a beautiful clean beginning, it doesn't matter what you have ever done in your life.....just like the white flowers in the picture above.....He has the desire to give you a life of purity and hope as you develop trust in HIM. {DAILY} He didn't leave us alone to wander about on our own either!!! Heaven, the Scriptures declare, was opened and the Spirit of God descended like a Dove and alighted upon Jesus at His baptism! {Matthew 3:17} The dove symbolizes gentleness, innocence, and meekness and we must be similar in the world as we share Christ love with others as our spirits are filled with His. I know these are deep and heavy thoughts but ones that I hope will encourage you to make every day count! Yes, everyday! He is always near and ready to do great things in your life and mine! Blessings of LOVE to you my friend!

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