Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabulous RED

Fabulous Red.......

An old amaryllis bulb blooms a vibrant red.......

Who wouldn't love one red shutter in this entire French Village? I did not even notice it was red when I snapped this lovely phototgraph!

Today has been a fabulous day filled with RED! This morning in my garden the beautiful red blossom above started my day! This gorgeous flower came from a bulb that belonged to my dear grandmother. She nurtured it for many years and now, thanks to my sister, it is in my garden! I feel so blessed that I can carry on something that my grandmother loved so dearly....her flowers! I admired it all day...and finally cut it because our winds are so strong today and placed it in a vase. Then, this afternoon I was blessed again when I opened a sweet and beautiful card from my sweet girl Kara! It was filled with sweet words and love and it was a vibrant French red! The hat, the dress, the shoes all matched the red in the flower which started the day! Only God could cover our days with such matching details! Yes, RED is a powerful color just like the power of love that my grandmother gave to me. LOVE knows no boundaries! The special love between my daughter and me (even though she lives in England) knows no boundaries....isn't that fabulous? God blessed my life with with a fabulous day and for that gift I am so thankful! May your day be filled with sweet moments! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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