Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mercy, Grace, and The Throne Room

Lovely White Rooms designed by Annelle Primos of Jackson.....

White rooms are my favorite.....lately! Who knows what it will be next week because I change my mind. I am a woman. :-) We have that right because men think we can never make up our minds. Tis true! [the part about not making up our minds] White rooms are crisp, fresh, and clean and remind us of fresh beginnings. The Throne Room of God is described in Revelation 20:11 as "a great white throne" and Jeremiah 17:12 describes The Throne as "glorious high throne from the beginning is a place of our sanctuary". God's beautiful descriptions in His Word are full of promise that Heaven's Throne will be a place full of mercy and grace and the man and woman who trust in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord will be blessed there. He even goes on to say that a man or woman who trust Him will be like a tree planted by the waters which spreads out it's roots by the river and will not fear when heat comes. Perhaps, if I may draw a comparison, WHITE sure makes one feel cool and fresh in the heat. When I am with God, the heat of the world and all the pleasures that it offers do not really seem that important. Being with God is more important than anything this world has to offer. His throne also is full of mercy and grace when we have needs. Hebrews 4:16 encourages us with these beautiful words, "let us therefore come boldly before the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in our time of need." We are encouraged to draw near to Him with confidence and believe HE understands any circumstance or suffering. Powerful words to live by.....this ability to be refreshed and blessed by the sanctuary of His presence, especially in suffering. His presence is a place of beauty and power and filled with Glory! I do not know what your day is like, but I do know that if you are willing to turn your day and your life over to Him that He will create a beautiful temple out of what you give Him! WHITE reminds me of a fresh start....perhaps that is why I like white! Everyday we are given a fresh white start! Let us be fresh and pure and honest before God and, others as well! Enjoy these beautiful white rooms above by an interior designer in Jackson, Mississippi, Annelle Primos. Her parents were friends of our when we lived In Jackson. Almost every day her mom walked with me and shared wisdom that I still value. A few of the photos are from Elle Decor as noted. Blessings to you dear friend for a truly glorious day full of mercy and grace!

Here is one more! This beautiful room is in Seaside Florida. It has to be one of my all time favorites! I love the "DREAM" banner!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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