Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Mother

Mothering does come natural to most young women, thankfully.   I have been blessed beyond measure with the wonderful daughters and son that God entrusted  to our family.  I truly enjoy the joys each one of them give to me.  They are giving with love. time, laughter and interesting to converse with!  As we approach Thanksgiving, there are many blessings in my life because of their lives.  This has been a good year for all of them and the roads they are traveling are changing with new sights and new chapters.  We took them everywhere we possibly could as children and it seems all of them have acquired the love of travel and new experiences.  I am thankful to be a mother, their mother.  God willing, I hope to continue to love and encourage them and especially.....their dreams.  I happened upon this lovely little poem from Rachel Ashwell.  If you are a Mother or hope to be, enjoy.......it is the highest of callings!

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  1. I love you :) And am SO thankful you're my amazing mother!