Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black and White......Love It!

CoCo Chanel made black a 'love it' color!  Most women have at least one black dress in their closet!  I have seasons of black and seasons of white and then seasons of black and white combinations!  Coco Chanel wore black as a symbol of strength and freedom. I love that about her life's work.  Many women of her beginning era of design wore white....... and lots of it in clothing, hats, and jewelry! She sought to break that mold and settled on a more classic and simple design.....the classic black dress.  Behind this desire to be herself, she created an empire that is still inspiring young women of mind and of age! 

She began her journey with literally no resources other than her dream for a better life.  Her parents placed her and her sister in an orphanage in central France and it was there that her dreams took hold and began to unfold, she could see a better life.  Her circumstances were less than perfect but the strength within her fueled her passion to succeed and fueled her creativity.  She had a need......survival....and she was willing to work for it. 

The doors in the photos above were all snapped while visiting France and I am told that opening one of these beautiful French doors leads one into a beautiful inner courtyard full of beauty and promise of what is to come, once inside.  The opportunity comes when one opens the door!  As long as we are living, we should continue to walk through doors or we could miss the very blessing meant to be ours.  Like Coco, you just have to open the door!

Like her, there are times in life when we have needs that are daunting.  Most of us do at least once in life!  I believe no matter how great our needs or circumstances are, we have to give something out of our need in order for life to be multiplied.  This kind of giving involves faith.  When we give out of our own need then we activate the miracle of God flowing with His supply back into our life.  Your giving causes something according to God's seedtime and harvest to come back to you.  He will provide just what you need at just the right time. 

 Perhaps you are in one of those places..... but believing as you cast your bread upon the waters, through the doors and into the future that life will be multiplied beautifully and that it will be clear, cut out in a lovely pattern of black and white! Blessings of sweet friend!

~My dream black and white dress~

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