Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Plans....

I hope you have a SPECIAL weekend planned!  It is a time to celebrate with family and friends and enjoy and entertain outdoors!  You can create a charming retreat for your guests with little effort if you plan in advance!  But who does these days?  I say.....just enjoy the moments and the time with the ones you love!

The grass is trimmed, the flowers clipped, the fridge is full, the drinks are on hand, the children are happy and ALL the freedoms we share are part of the BLISS!  I love our country and am so thankful to be an American!  May we celebrate and remember those who helped to give us our freedoms!

Today I am preparing for the rest of my family to arrive, those that are within driving distance.  The two who cannot be with us will be missed most dreadfully but they are ALWAYS in my heart and my spirit!  I am busy making plans because I love it shower my family with love.  To me that is the joy of mothering.....being able to dote on them, prepare their favorite meals, and love on them and their children. I know my husband shares these sentiments!  Every season of life just is better and better!  

From Victoria:  "These are the moments when sizzling days give way to sultry nights~when the breeze is a blessing and the shade is a sanctuary."  I am hoping that your home becomes a sanctuary not only for you but for all those who dwell within.  Blessings for a Happy Memorial Day long weekend!  

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