Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home and House of Style.....

Home is a reflection of who we are and all we love~a place for family, friends, laughter, and tears.  A mix of cultures past and cultures present.  A place we are loved and accepted.  In my own home, I try to capture a mood of love, joy, kindness, and fun for everyone who enters.  My home continues to evolve and I  like that. It changes as I change.  The things that I enjoy bringing into my decor' are the pieces of places I have traveled or books about interesting places and people.  Edith Wharton is one of my favorite interior designers of the past because her style is still relevant today and for todays families.  She was also a novelist, but her first published book, The Decoration of Houses, had an enormous impact on the emerging field of interior design in 1897 when she was a mere 35 years old!  The text described how rooms should be elegantly furnished in a style appropriate to the architecture of the house but arranged to accommodate the needs of modern life.  That was 1897!  She aimed the book at the wealthy elite of East Coast society and referenced the European palaces and manor houses she had visited on trips abroad with her family.  She sounds like a progressive woman even for the times!

In my own, I try to keep one room straight. The pictures above are of  that room~our Library room.  We use it for reading and just a place to be! Recently we've added a sisal rug and it makes it even more our relaxed style. The rest of the house can me lived in, filled with toys for my little grand children and their art work on the tables instead of prepared for fine dining but that is okay because I want a home that is full of love!  The home of my dreams is truly when all my loved ones are with me!

In the Bible, God speaks of entertaining Angels.  He reminds us do not forget to entertain even strangers because some have entertained angels unaware.  I think He sends us these Angels (people) at unexpected times.  Times when we need to be reminded what is truly important and what is truly of value.  A heart full of the love of Christ cannot help but overflow onto to guest within our homes.  Fill your heart today with the love of God....we are encouraged to look first into our own hearts.....a heart full of the fruits of the spirit cannot help but see something good in another.  Here's to a love~filled day!!!

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